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Kelly Moore Camera Bags

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Check out the inside.  It has a removable compartment for your photographic equipment. Turning you camera bag into an everyday purse.


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Stolen Smartphones: Lost Memories

Bergen County, NJ- Recent statistics show that our smartphones have become the most popular device we use for everyday photography. With over 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook EVERY DAY and another 40 million added to Instagram, we’re snapping at a rapid rate but with different gear than we used just five years ago. This trend in behavior makes sense, as smartphones are our constant companions, capable of handling so many daily tasks, and a built in camera that captures with impressive quality.

The downside to having this technology play such a central role in our daily lives is that, if our smartphone is stolen or lost, someone now has access to our most important data and hundreds if not thousands of photos that might be lost forever. Here are few tips to help you guard and protect your data now as well as what do if your find your smartphone has disappeared.

Backup & Sync Data Now: If you do one thing today, it should be to backup the data on your smartphone now – either to your main computer, online or, preferably, in both locations. For iPhone users, Apple offers iCloud storage, which is a fairly straightforward and seamless method of backup. Apple offers free 5GB of storage, but by today’s standards, you’ll likely need more. Fortunately, the annual price of storage isn’t pricey at $20 for 10GB and $40 per 20GB. You can enable the iCloud through your Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>iCloud Backup. If your phone is lost, stolen or damaged, the iCloud transfer to a new iPhone is simple and solid. Your new device will have all the data, apps, photos and messages restored at the last time of the backup.

For Android devices. DropBox and Google+ are both solid options to use to backup your digital photos. However, you may need to use another program such as SuperBackup or Google Restore to handle other items such as calendars, contacts and bookmarks. As Android phones continue to grow in popularity, we’re sure to see additional options available for comprehensive data backup. If you only follow one piece of advice in this article, let this be the one.

Enable Your Password: Yes, having to type in your password when you use your phone can be a bit of a hassle but not nearly as awful an inconvenience as having all your precious data and photos in the hands of a thief. While many thieves will wipe the phone clean of data, they sometimes first mine for information they can leverage to access your private accounts. A simple four-digit password can add another layer of protection and the thief may decide it’s just easier to wipe the data rather than access it. You don’t have your data but at least he doesn’t, either.

Know Your Serial Numbers: Having the serial number is no guarantee that you’ll get your phone back but having that information, called an IEMI or International Mobile Equipment Identifier, to file a police report and to report to your carrier might help identify it if it ends up being sold on the street.

Install a Tracker App: A tracking app is one of the best ways to identify the location of your cell phone and many phones have been recovered due to a tracking app. There are several popular choices such as FindMyiPhone, Lookout and Where’sMyDroid. These apps do require the phone to be turned on and some savvy thieves know to turn the phones off immediately; however, many do not and there’s a decent chance it can be recovered. There are countless stories of phones that have been lost or stolen being recovered through the use of a tracker app.

Ask Your Carrier to Brick It: If your smartphone is stolen, the next call you should make after calling the police is to your carrier. Explain what happened and give your permission to have them ‘brick’ your phone so that it can’t be activated by anyone else, even if they supply a new SIM card. If the phone somehow ends up in another country, your carrier can no longer intervene, but for those phones being used in the US, it’s an important safety step. They might have your phone but there’s not much they can do with it. A small consolation, but knowing the thief may no longer be able to use your phone will provide some piece of mind.

Your phone is a central part of your daily life, so take a few steps to protect it. The effort will be well worth it.

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Shooting Old-School: Cross Processing

Did you know that one of today’s most popular effects has its roots in the days of shooting film? Cross-processing, a technique that is experiencing popularity in fashion photography, on Instagram and on countless blogs, was originally an effect created when the film developer took negative film (C41) and processed it as a positive (using E6 chemicals) or vice versa. Today, the stylized look is enjoying a revival and can be mimicked through the use of online editing tools such as those in Photoshop.

In essence, the effect will combine strong warm tones (yellow) with blue shadow tones. In film days, the final results could vary based upon the types of film used and the balance of the chemicals. To create this style digitally, try making adjustments using the Curve tool in Photoshop or Lightroom. Making changes to the tonal ranges in each of the red, green and blue channels will show the impact of such adjustments and you can tweak each channel accordingly. There is no right or wrong way to create this effect – the joy is in the experimentation – so feel free to get carried away!

If you’re searching for a way to bring a fresh style to your images with a nod to classic photography, cross-processing effects may be the perfect fit.

Lens Protection 101

Bergen County, NJ- You’ve invested in a quality DSLR, so make sure your lens is properly protected from scratches, dust, fingerprints and other elements that can compromise your photography.   The ProMaster Digital HGX Protection Filter is a crystal clear colorless filter with advanced anti-reflective coatings designed especially for use with digital imaging sensors. The REPELLAMAX™ element resistant coating provides security and protection, making sure your images are as sharp as possible. Come by the store and pick up yours today! Learn more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MspoTAkim1I&list=PLOdial9dwmRAuVqoZyzyL72LJRjDn5dJ5


Thanksgiving Photo Tips from Debbie Riggs of Pure Photography

Bergen County, NJ-  Debbie Riggs, owner of Pure Photography in Abilene, Texas, is a professional photographer specializing in children and family portraits. We felt her expertise made her the perfect person to turn to for advice regarding family photos. We asked Debbie for a few tips to make the most of this year’s Thanksgiving gathering.

Here are a few of her favorite quick tips:  If there’s time to coordinate clothing, send out a message for ideas of what to wear.   “Notify everyone ahead of time and give them three colors to choose from for their outfits such as berry red, brown, gold and jeans. Let each family show their own style/personality in what they choose and yet you’re not having to match exactly.”   This technique is helpful because it gives members a range of possibilities and keeps everyone from looking exactly the same.

“Plan on taking the family portrait outside about an hour or so before sunset,” she says.   Photographers know that the ‘golden hour’ is ideal for most shooting situations so it’s worth the effort to gather your loved ones outdoors for a quick family photo.

Her final recommendation? “Hire a professional photographer!” In all seriousness, if you have family traveling from a fair distance, having a professional come to shoot a family photo would be a gift to share with all your loved ones. It can also take the pressure off of the host family, allowing them to simply enjoy capturing the moment.

To learn more about Debbie Riggs, visit http://www.pure-photography.com

The Nikon Df: Serious Capability in a Throwback Style


Bergen County, NJ-  As Nikon announces its new Df model digital camera, we know for sure that retro is back.  We’ve seen  Fuji and Olympus release digital upgrades of their beloved 35mm film relatives and now Nikon joins the throwback with their newest addition.

The Nikon Df combines pro quality technology with old school ideals.  The Df really packs a punch internally as it shares the 16mp Full Frame sensor with the D4 as well as it’s EXPEED 3 processing engine and impressive ISO range.   It features a 39 point autofocus system, a 3.2 inch LCD screen and it is compatible with Nikon’s wireless adapter.   It’s lens posibilities are endless as it takes all of Nikon’s digital lenses as well as their

It’s retro design really stands out.  With it’s chrome and black colors, top control dials and pentaprism it wouldn’t be hard to mistake the Df for a 35mm film model at first glance.  With all the technology that is packed into it, there are also specs that have been purposefully left out.  The Df doesn’t shoot video,  has no built in flash and comes paired with a 50mm 1.8 lens.

The Nikon Df is perfect for the photo enthusiast who long for the classic design of the cameras of the past and want the latest technology.

The Nikon DF is available at the end of November and we will have it for you!!  Call us or come in and pre-order it today!

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Giving Thanks for Fabulous Family Photos!

Bergen County, NJ-  Thanksgiving brings the promise of food, football and family. For many, it’s a most favored holiday and it’s easy to see why. When families gather together to celebrate, we want to make sure we’ve taken plenty of fabulous photos to remember this special gathering.

Here are some of our favorite tips for making sure the snaps you shoot are cause for celebration:

Fifteen-Minutes Will Save Frustration Later: A few days before family arrives, spend a few minutes getting your gear in order. If you have images on your memory card, transfer them to your primary computer, verify they transferred without incident and reformat the camera card. Charge your camera’s battery and, if you have an external flash, make sure it’s charged with new batteries and is in working order. Also, double-check that your lens cleaning cloth is in your bag. One rogue fingerprint can kill an entire series of shots. We have some quality cleaning products for your camera bag here.

Also, remember to revisit how to use the timer function on your camera. After all, you don’t want to just take the photos – you’ll want to be in them as well!

Learn Your Lighting Situation: If the Thanksgiving feast is being held at your home or at a nearby relative’s house, scout the most likely areas to shoot family photos. What lighting options are available? Are there large windows nearby to lend available light? Does the room have a low ceiling and few light sources?

Surveying the possible posing locations and studying lighting can greatly improve your success rate when it comes to shooting quality holiday photos. You’ll have a sense of where the best lighting is located and can bring additional lighting if needed. You’re also much more likely to get cooperation from pint-sized subjects if you have all the tough stuff figured out in advance. All you’ll need to do is pose and shoot!

Showcase Your Storytelling Skills: Do you have an idea of what you’d like to capture this holiday season? For example, maybe the all-day cooking marathon in the kitchen always brings a smile to your face. Thanksgiving photos aren’t solely for the dinner table presentation, although that particular shot is certain to be a favorite. Document the interactions between loved ones – the offhanded laughs, the shared smiles and the candid conversations exchanged throughout the day. The outdoor football game, the long walk after an amazing meal and the kids playing in the yard are all great opportunities to create Thanksgiving memories.

Picture Perfect Posing: Getting everyone to cooperate is particularly important when large groups and small children are involved so your careful planning is about to pay off! When your family members know that you’ve put a bit of thought into the process, they’re more likely to realize it should be a quick and painless event!

For posed group portraits, you’re more likely to get cooperation from family earlier in the day. For elderly family members, make sure posing includes a comfortable chair for them to sit and place others around them according to height. Younger kids can sit cross-legged on the floor in front. Getting engaged smiles is an easier task if you stay connected to them. One accessory that can assist you in staying connected is a remote shutter release. It’s one of the most helpful accessories you can keep in your camera bag for shooting family portraits. Our selection of quality remote releases is priced perfectly for your budget. Consider our selection here.

Share the Love: With so many choices online, sharing your family photos has never been easier. Just make sure to get copies to all the family members involved. For example, some grandparents have a Facebook account while others prefer to have hard copies, so take care to send a set of printed photos if they aren’t comfortable viewing images online. Upload your photos for us to print here.