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Facebook Prints

Have you ever wanted to make quality photographic prints from any of the pictures you have on your Facebook page? You can do that at Wholesale Photo in Midland Park, NJ.

Our secure photo kiosks are setup to give you easy access to all of your Facebook photos, including those that others have tagged your name to. Make simple 4×6 prints or even enlargements. On Facebook your images get burried as you add more posts, so why not pick out a frame and hang some of these great images on your wall so you can enjoy them everyday. C’mon in and let us help you. It’s easy at Wholesale Photo.

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Facebook Photo Fact

I really “like” the thumbs up!

As Facebook celebrates its 10th anniversary and continues its dominance as the most influential social media site, a recent Pew study shows that most parents have pretty specific opinions about photos of their children being shared without their permission.

In short, they don’t like it.

“Parents are especially protective of images of their children, as 57% of Facebook users with children under the age of 18 say that people posting pictures of their children without asking permission first is something they strongly dislike about using Facebook,” according to the Pew study.

Parents of younger-aged children are especially attuned to this issue, so when in doubt, make sure to ask the parents’ permission before posting a photo that includes their child. Some may want you to tag the photos so they know they are online and being shared; however, others may share but not tag. There will always be situations where this courtesy will be difficult to extend, such as at a concert or school event, but you will create goodwill by asking before uploading.

Your Digital Photos: An Interview with Mike McEnaney of “Your Digital Life”

Bergen County, NJ-
Mike McEnaney has had a life-long love affair with photography and has parlayed that passion into a successful career. His current role as editor and publisher of Your Digital Life (http://your-digital-life.com) has been paved with positions at some of the most influential photography magazines and companies.

Mike diligently covers many aspects of digital photography including hardware, software, accessories, storage and software. His goal has been to translate this web of stats and data into useful information that helps beginning shutterbugs and advanced shooters make the most of both their equipment and their opportunities.

We asked Mike to give us his take on what areas of photography are hot right now and which areas our readers might want to consider further.

“I’m happy to say that our industry is finally starting to figure out mobile imaging better, and this means better solutions for consumers. For example, we’re seeing a much more streamlined method of being able to instantly upload images to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The industry’s previous attempts at this were clunky and confusing. This current generation of cameras leveraging wireless image transfer are much improved, and from what I’ve seen recently, this is only going to get better.”

One of the issues that many of today’s photographers overlook is that of long-term storage of digital images. While uploading to Facebook is fine, too many people are using it as a way to store images simply because they’ve created an online album. Facebook is not a storage solution and, coupled with privacy and ownership issues related to uploading images to the site, it’s best to consider an alternative solution.

McEnaney says that the current offering of high-capacity storage devices (removable hard drives) have a plethora of features that address security and privacy. Many models tout 2TB (terrabytes) or more of storage, which translates into about 240 hours of video, 400,000 photos or close to half a million songs! These devices are in the few hundred-dollar range, which is very cost effective for the sheer volume of storage available. This level of removable media space would have been several thousand dollars just a few years ago. “Many of these devices now offer drive partitioning, password-protection and organizational features that will help keep photos better categorized for work or personal purposes,” McEnaney counsels. “These devices have incredible storage capacity and are lightweight and portable, so keeping your images backed up and safe has never been easier.”

For those who are backing up images on CD or DVD, consider a portable drive as an addition to this strategy. CDs or DVDs may not be readable for as long as you need access to what’s stored on them and the drives may one day be obsolete, rendering the discs unusable. Remember the SyQuest disk? These storage devices were once considered the gold standard for the graphic design field. Now, drives to read these disks are harder to find than a parking space in New York City.

When asked if there were any other categories that warranted mention, McEnaney quickly offered the hybrid camera category. “It’s pretty impressive what these companies have created with mirrorless cameras in the last few years,” he says. “There are also now several lenses being offered for these cameras and, like the cameras being lighter than DSLRs, the lenses are lighter as well. They’re a great choice for people who want more manual features but aren’t quite ready to buy a DSLR.”

McEnaney is encouraged by what he sees and believes that the future is bright for photography. “Digital photography has changed a great deal in terms of how we take and share pictures, but the reasons are still the same. We have a moment, an event that is important enough for us to take a photo of it. I think you’ll see cameras, accessories and software that continue to evolve as our picture-taking habits evolve. If you love photography, it’s a great time to pursue it as a hobby or profession. The tools are incredible and the prices are the best they’ve ever been. Of course, it’s how you use these tools that matters most, but that’s what makes photography so much fun. Each person’s perspective is unique.”
By Laura Oles

Photo Courtesy of YourDigitalLife

New Facebook Fan Page & Video Transfer Special

Wholesale Photo Cafe & Digital Imaging Facebook FAN Page
Well we’ve finally done it. We have created a FAN page for Wholesale Photo & Digital Cafe on Facebook. Now in addition to our awesome blog & newsletter, you guys have another way to find out all the great things that are going on at Wholesale Photo. We will be updating the Facebook page with loads of great info, including special FAN rewards (similar to our newsletter only specials) so be sure to go and become a FAN today. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all the great things happening here. Also, as a Thank you to all of you, our great customers, we are giving away a FREE 8×10 print to anyone who becomes a FAN. Use it either online or in our store on one of our great kiosks.

Speaking of our great Kiosks, we’ve just upgraded them all to the NEW Version 7.0 software. It’s a great new look and feel with the same ease of use (some might say even easier). TONS of new products like great gifting options, loads of new templates for cards, calendars & books as well as the all new Quick photo books which allow you to create an entire photobook without having make sure pictures are cropped properly or edited, it’s all done for you, automatically! Come on in and check them out today!

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