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Shooting the Ultimate Jack-o’-lantern Don’t be spooked by exposure and setup—it’s simple to put your carved creations in their best light.

The kids are settled into their school routine, the leaves are falling, and the nights are getting cooler—time to start setting up the Halloween décor! After you’ve scooped out the seeds, put your pumpkin under the knife, and strategically set up a lantern or candle inside its hollowed-out shell, what’s the best way to photograph your eerie orange orb?

The two major challenges to getting any good picture (not just spooky shots in October) are getting the right shutter speed and a balanced exposure. You also need to make sure you’re using the right equipment to get the shutter speed you desire. For this Halloween pictorial, I photographed a jack-o’-lantern with the Tamron SP 17-50mm F/2.8 Di II VC fast standard zoom. This lens is ideal for shooting a candlelit jack-o’-lantern due to its fast F/2.8 aperture and Tamron’s Vibration Compensation (VC) stabilization technology.

A Lens Choice That Won’t Come Back to Haunt You
Many zoom lenses have great focal ranges but they’re not fast lenses (“fast” indicating the widest aperture the lens has available). Lenses with aperture settings of F/2.8 or wider have a larger opening to let more light in. The result: a faster shutter speed that can help reduce blur. This is especially helpful when the light is low, such as when photographing a candlelit pumpkin in the chilly evening hours.

The other feature that’s helpful in this type of shooting situation is Tamron’s VC technology. The stabilizer built into the 17-50mm lens allows you to hand-hold images at slower shutter speeds. By compensating for any slight movements that you might make, the VC technology helps you achieve sharper images of your pumpkin props. When you use a tripod for long exposures, you’ll actually want to turn the VC off; however, for the majority of your shooting, you’ll definitely want to leave the VC on to get the most out of your lens.

Don’t Go Batty Getting the Exposure Right
The second challenge when shooting lit jack-o’-lanterns is getting the correct exposure. This is partially contingent on what mode you have your camera in. If you have your camera in the “Green Box” or “Full Auto” mode, you’ve relinquished all control: As soon as the light gets low, the camera’s going to add flash whether you want it or not. If, however, you turn your camera to the “A” or “AV” mode (“aperture priority” mode), you’ll be able to choose the aperture yourself. By choosing F/2.8 in this case, you’ll get the fastest shutter speed available.

In the first image (1) I shot, the sun had gone down, but there was still plenty of light in the sky relative to the amount of light emanating from the candle. The result is that you’re able to see the light in the pumpkin and the actual pumpkin. In the second image (2), I switched my camera to “Manual” mode and waited for the light to change. You can see how the candle becomes the dominant source of light, creating a more dramatic image, but the background is almost entirely gone. In the third image (3), I increased the shutter speed by 1-1/2 stops to get some more of the background in there; this also added more exposure to the pumpkin.

For the last shot (4), I did a 30-second exposure. I needed to use a tripod for this image. To balance the starry sky and the light from the jack-o’-lantern, I had to reduce the amount of light from the candle. To do this, I simply blew out the candle a few seconds into the long exposure. If I hadn’t done so, the result would have been an overexposed pumpkin (see image 5). Remember: Our cameras capture whatever’s in front of them for as long as the shutter is open— so if you’re able to control the amount of light entering your camera, you’ll be able to control the exposure.

Setting Up Your Shots Can Be a Scream
Compose your shots carefully to give your pumpkin pal some context. For my final images, I purposely chose a low angle to give ’ol Jack a little more presence in the image and so his top would be above the tree line, which helped to separate him from the background. I also placed the pumpkin on the side of the frame and left plenty of room for the tree line and sky, which makes the jack-o’-lantern appear as if he’s popping into the frame with a boisterous “Boo!” All images were taken at the 17mm wide-angle end of the lens (with the exception of the first image, which was shot at 50mm). The wide angle view helped incorporate the background into the images, creating a perfectly ominous environment from which the pumpkin can emerge.

Tamron 6-Year USA warranty and $70 rebate thru 12/31/10 when purchased from Wholesale Photo Cafe & Digital Imaging Center.

The Death of Kodachrome

Kodachrome Film
The End of an Era

Beautiful colors. A great Paul Simon song. However Eastman Kodak discontinued Kodachrome in 2009 and the last roll ever produced was recently shot and processed.

Kodak’s Kodachrome film was manufactured from 1935 to 2009. It was the oldest brand of of color film being produced. Kodachrome was sought after for its color accuracy and dark storage longevity. Unfortunately, Kodachrome requires a complex processing that cannot be done by amateurs. There is a very long scientific explanation I could expand on but I don’t think many of you would care to here about the subtractive screenplate method.

A general decline in slide film use in the 1980’s and 1990’s and the rise of digital cameras all but caused many Kodachrome processing laboratories to close. With fewer labs processing the film, Kodachrome sales declined further still. In 2009 Kodak discontinued the film and stopped processing it. Dwayne’s Photo, an independent facility in Kansas is the only lab left processing Kodachrome. However, they will stop processing the film at the end of the year. Their supply of Kodachrome has run out as well.

So, if you have some dust boxes of Kodachrome in your refrigerator or freezer, you might want to take them out and relive the glory days of past photographers and experience what colors looked like before Photoshop!

Holiday Cards & Family Portrait Sittings at Wholesale Photo Camera in Bergen County

Well it is definitely that time of year again. Time to get those holiday family portraits taken and create your holiday cards to impress family and friends. What better place to have all that done than Wholesale Photo. Our portrait studio photographers are ready to capture the best pictures of your family and just in time to make your holiday cards early this year! Instead of waiting till the Christmas rush, why not get it all done NOW? Well Wholesale Photo is giving you the incentive to do so. By booking your portrait sitting before November 1st (sitting must take place before December 1st), we will waive all sitting fees (up to 3 per sitting). Plus, if you are planning on making Holiday cards, we will extend our holiday card promotion, buy 50 cards get 25 more free*, until you’ve picked out that perfect picture of the family!

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Wholesale Photo Holiday Gretting Cards

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Nikon D90 Hits the Shelves! In Stock Now!

Alright everyone here it is, the Nikon D90’s have just landed here at Wholesale Photo! The newest member of the Nikon DSLR family boasts a low noise 12 megapixel sensor, 4.5 frames per second speed and a lightweight, yet extremely solid feeling body. Additionally, the new D90 comes with Nikon’s latest 18-105 VR lens, all in a complete outfit for only $1299! Come by and pickup yours today. Supplies are limited so come soon!

Promaster GO! Charger – Charges Camera Batteries, Cell Phones, iPod, iPhone, iTouch and More!!

Alright everyone, this is some HOT news! We have these little travel chargers for your digital camera batteries that will charge your battery up to 7 times without having to plug into a wall outlet. Now the best part is, it will also charge any device that uses a USB connection… meaning that you can now charge your iPhone, iPod, iTouch, Cell Phone or whatever up to 7 times on the GO! This is great for travelers, hikers, campers, and just about everyone! Not only that, but all GO chargers include an AC plug and Car Adapter plug with USB (Same as your iPhone wall plug). Now, Apple charges about $30 bucks for each of those Adapters and if you purchased an external battery for your iPhone it would cost around $60 bucks. You can pick up one of these GO! Chargers for a mere $79.99 including the two adapters. Works with all major brands, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Casio, Olympus, Pentax, Fuji, including all major SLR models (with the Go Charger SLR).

More info can be found here

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Promaster GO! Charger

Digital Video Flip Compact Camcorder in Stock – at Wholesale Photo in Bergen County, New Jersey / NJ

Flip Video Cameras at Wholesale Photo Camera stores in Bergen County NJ
We decided a few months ago to bring in the hot new Pure Digital Flip Video Ultra Camcorders featured on Oprah’s O-List and rated by Wired Magazine. For those who are unfamiliar with this awesome cheap video camera, it comes it two sizes one for recording one hour of video and another for recording two hours of video. Everything is included for either $149 (1 hour) or $179 (2 hour). Just plug in the camera to your computer after shooting using the flip-out USB plug and use the included software to upload to YouTube or make a home movie!

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Nikon Demo Day, Saturday May 3rd 2008 – At Wholesale Photo in Bergen County, New Jersey / NJ

This Saturday, come down to Wholesale Photo for our Nikon Demo Day. We are featuring the entire line of Nikon Digital Cameras with some incredible deals, and savings up to $150 off Nikon cameras and lenses, you cannot afford to miss this day!

Plus, joining your favorite salesmen will be our Nikon sales rep, Gus Apazitus and Nikon tech rep, Chris to answer all your Nikon-related questions. Additionally, with every purchase you will receive a free Nikon gift from Gus and Chris.

Don’t forget, Mothers Day is coming up soon, so come on in and get mom that new Nikon she’s been asking for… See you all on Saturday!

Nikon Demo Day, Saturday May 3rd 2008

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March Madness Sale – Now Through Saturday, March 8th!!

For everyone who got snowed in the past two weekends, we are extending our Digital Camera Blowout Sale through SATURDAY, MARCH 8th. We still have a huge selection of digital cameras on sale NOW UP TO 60% OFF the retail price!! Save BIG on brand names such as Nikon, Pentax, Fuji, Samsung, Minolta and more!

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Digital Camera Blowout Sale! – Saturday February 23rd

Ladies and Gentlemen this is the moment you have all been waiting for!

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