Digital Camera Blowout Sale! – Saturday February 23rd

Ladies and Gentlemen this is the moment you have all been waiting for!

Wholesale Photo & Digital Imaging is holding its First Annual Winter Clearance Sale on selected Digital Cameras marked down as low as 50% off the Retail price!! That is simply Incredible!

We will be holding the sale on Saturday February 23rd from 9am to 5:30pm.

Featured products from some of the most popular brand names such as OLYMPUS, FUJI, PENTAX and SAMSUNG; all discounted to as low as 50% OFF!!

(for a sneak peak visit our Today’s Specials page on our website!)

Come down and see this incredible sale for yourself!

Defective Kingston Memory – RMA Process (Story)

Recently I found a defective Kingston 256mb SD memory card and decided to put myself in my customers shoes to find out what somebody would have to do to get their memory repaired/replaced from the manufacturer…

I started out scouring the Kingston website for some sort of RMA process and after about 10 minutes of clicking through page after page on the service site, I finally came upon a section for Returns and RMA’s. So I had to fill out some online form which had all the basic info, but also asked me for a “Model Number” which I thought was printed somewhere on the memory itself… Well after trying number after number printed on the defective card I almost gave up, it would not accept the form without a model number and none of the numbers on the card worked!
I finally decided to do a search for the memory on the website and came up with a “Model Number”; used only by Kingston on their site to classify the memory… It worked but gave me an indication that Kingston no longer was manufacturing said memory and it could only be returned for “REPAIR” and could not be “REPLACED”. I can only imagine what that is going to mean.

So I waited for an email from Kingston containing instructions as to how I should go about shipping the memory back to them for “repair”. Two days later I receive an email with an attachment “Fedex return system Package handling instructions”. Apparently I cannot just have fedex or whoever come and pickup the package, nor can I just drop it in the mail box. I HAVE TO DRIVE TO THE NEAREST DROP OFF LOCATION! Give me a break! So now the $4 memory I wanted to have replaced is going to cost me $5 in gas just to have it REPAIRED… maybe.

Long story short. I am going to complete the RMA process as a learning experience and report back, telling all of you how long it took and whether they repaired my memory or not…

The reason I am posting this is because I want everyone to realize the hassles I have had to go through just to get some piece of equipment repaired/replaced by another manufacturer. Wholesale Photo stands behind every piece of equipment we sell. If I had a problem with my PROMASTER MEMORY CARD, I could have just brought it back to Wholesale Photo and they would have handed me a BRAND NEW CARD, over the counter!

So before you go and buy that “really great deal” or “bundled memory card”. Consider my story and realize that cheap Digital Memory will eventually break, you could lose precious pictures, a once in a lifetime vacation or event; and the hassle to have it replaced may not be worth the effort in the long run.

Thats my 2 cents.

Gorillapods are here!

Unlike traditional tripods gorillapods don’t need a flat surface to get the perfect picture.
With flexible jointed legs these tripods can conform to just about anything.
They come in three sizes to hold any camera from point and shoot to full size SLR.
Stop in for a demo, you’re going to love this new portable tripod.
Flexible Gorillapod makes for easier pictures.

Photo Recovery Service

Have you ever accidentally pressed the delete button on your camera? Have you ever turned on your camera to review pictures and gotten an error message instead of your precious vacation memories? Well, all is not lost. Just bring your memory card down to the store. Using state of the art techniques, we have been able to recover thousands of deleted or corrupted images.
So just when you thought there was no hope…Turn to the experts at Wholesale Photo & Digital.