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Tim’s Photo Tips: lightning Photos

lightning storm blogI  was lucky enough to spent some time at the beach this past week and came away with lots of photos. One of my favorite things is to shoot summer lightning storms over the water. A lot has to do with timing so it is not something you can schedule but there is a greater chance of thunder storms at the beach. You just have to be prepared and patient.

In order to take these kind of photos you will need a Digital camera with manual control and a good wide-angle lens. Probably a 24mm or 28mm lens is ideal to get the most coverage. A  D-SLR is preferred for this type of photography because of how much more light it gathers. Some of today’s Point and Shoot cameras have the capability to take this type of photo but it is much harder to do. You will also need a good stable tripod. It takes a longer time exposure to get the photo so the camera has to be steady while the shutter is open. To start , you need to take the camera off of Auto ISO and to set the ISO manually to a low setting. (100 ISO or 200 ISO) The simplest way to shoot is to then set the camera for manual exposure. You will have to set the shutter speed and aperture. For shutter speed you want to set it to “B”. This stands for “bulb” which means as long as you hold your finger on the shutter release the shutter stays open. Another option is to use a remote control and lock the shutter open so that you do not risk shaking the camera with your hand. Then you want to start with an aperture somewhere in the middle like F-8. As you shoot and check out your images on play back you will then raise or lower the aperture for the correct lighting.

So, the camera is on the tripod and locked in the proper position to over see a wide view of the lightning. Turn the Auto Focus off on the lens and set the focus for infinity. If you are using a Point and Shoot camera set it for the Mountain setting in Scene Mode.Also, because you are using a tripod you have to turn off the image stabilization (VR). Open the shutter and keep it open until you see your 1st good strike. Close the shutter and check out the image on the LCD. If it looks too dark open the aperture another stop to F-5.6 or lower. If it looks too bright close the aperture down to F-11 or higher. Depending on how close to your postion the lightning strikes are will determine how bright or dark the light will be. For my photo, the strikes were very far away and required a 32 second exposure time at an aperture of F-5.6. Of course it is a double-edged sword. The closer you are to the lightning the better the photo but the closer you are to lightning. I waited until the storm had passed over head and then when it was miles away and the rain had stopped I went out to shoot.

Hopefully I have not left anything out but I’ve gone on long enough. Happy shooting. I would love to see your results so please share. And I am always willing to give more advice here in the store.
The best thing I can tell everyone is that if you ever take a photo and it is not what you thought it should be then that is when you need to learn. That is what we are here for at Wholesale Photo. Bring in your camera and the photo and let us help you understand how to get the photo the way you would like.

Over flowing with Used Equipment SALE!

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HURRY ! Rebate ends in 2 days!!!

tamron sumer savings blog

It is your last chance to take advantage of Mail-In Rebate Savings.  Tamron has announced the end of their rebates. If you were considering a nice new lens for your Summer Vacation then now is the best time to buy. The most popular lens on the market today is the Tamron 18-270 PZD ALL-IN-One.  Tamron has a $50 mail-in-rebate that ends 7/31/14 and has to be postmarked by 8/15/14. Nobody wants to carry two lenses and have to change in mid-shoot. Bring in your old kit lenses and trade them in towards one lens that will do it all. Just think, no more having to carry a big bag around. So now is the right time to buy. The best deal around is going to end and you do not want to miss out. Come on down to the store and take a look at one today. I will warn you though, once you have one of these lenses in your hands you will never want to let it go.

Tamron also has rebates on some of their other popular lenses which also ends soon. We have them on display at the store and can help you make up your mind which one is the correct one for you.

Picture Postcards

CPL filter blog

Now, you too can make your Snapshots look like Postcards. The single best and simplest way to improve your outdoor scenic photos is to use a Circular Polarize Filter. This is a fantastic way to get those great vacation shots and have them good enough to hang on the wall. This filter enhances color, contrast and cuts out glare. It’s like when you put on sunglasses and everything looks so much nicer. Same thing for photos. Now is the best time of year to see the effects.

A few simple rules apply

1) Use outdoors on a sunny day for best results.
2) When using the filter, it is the only time I recommend taking off the UV Protection filter that should already be on the lens. You do not want to stack filters because they tend to stick together and not want to come apart.
3) If you were to point your thumb at the sun, then where ever your index finger points is where you will see the greatest effects of the filter.

Give it a try on your Summer Vacation this year.

Portable Home Studio Lighting

studio lighting blogIt is now very affordable for anyone with a D-SLR to shoot their own Professional Home Portraits. Today’s cameras are so good and so easy that all you have to do is add light. It used to be that home lighting kit were up near $1000.00. Now the quality is still there but the price has dropped tremendously.  Literally all you have to do is plug  in a wireless transmitter that’s included and fire away. wouldn’t you love to be able to shoot your own Holiday cards and make enlargements to hang on the living room wall?

We are ready to set you up today. Stop in and check it out.


Lens Bokeh ?

Bokeh blogJust playing around on a rainy Tuesday and wanted to show an example of lens Bokeh. Bokeh is described as the out of focus area  in the background of a photo. But it is not just how far out of focus but the quality of the light in the out of focus area. Here in the store I really do not have the best subject matter but if you will notice the f1.4 shot really emphasises the subject and you can not even tell it was shot in a store. I used a Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens for this test which is cosidered one of the best lens to play with bokeh .

Have fun and play with photography. Need help, please come in and ask.