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Bergen County Polaroid Camera Club @ Wholesale Photo

We are interested in starting a Polaroid Camera Club in the Bergen County NJ area. We want to begin stocking our store shelves with Polaroid products but want to be sure there is enough interest in our area. So we want to start simple and first collect enough email addresses to create a small newsletter that will keep you informed on when we have Polaroid film and products in-stock.

If you are interested in being a part of this newsletter group please send an email to us with the words “Polaroid Club” in the title, to:

When Polaroid closed a few years ago we – as a photo store – moved to selling Fuji Instax cameras and film in our shop. The Fuji instant cameras are great and Fuji has brought some interesting improvements to the instant picture market. Like a mini-printer (Instax Share) that make printing wirelessly from your smartphone a breeze.

We have noticed that there are still customers that are interested in Polaroid and wish we would be their local one-stop shop for Polaroid film for their Spectra, SX-70, OneStep 600 and Polaroid “pack” film cameras. But we need your help before we can invest in bringing in these films. We need to know that we have a group of people that have an interest in buying and using this unique film. So please signup with our newsletter and let’s see if we can get a Polaroid “movement” going in Northern New Jersey. Wholesale Photo wants to do this. Do you?  Let us know.

Polaroid Films we were thinking of starting with:
600 B/W Hardcolor Edition
600 B/W Round Frame
600 Magenta Type Monochromatic
600 Color Poison Paradise Edition (Hibiscus)
600 Color Poison Paradise Edition (Fuchsia)
600 Color Poison Paradise Edition (Frangipani)
SX-70 Color Lulu Guinness Edition

Are there any other types of Polaroid film that are not listed here that you know you would buy if we stocked it?

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Facebook Prints

Have you ever wanted to make quality photographic prints from any of the pictures you have on your Facebook page? You can do that at Wholesale Photo in Midland Park, NJ.

Our secure photo kiosks are setup to give you easy access to all of your Facebook photos, including those that others have tagged your name to. Make simple 4×6 prints or even enlargements. On Facebook your images get burried as you add more posts, so why not pick out a frame and hang some of these great images on your wall so you can enjoy them everyday. C’mon in and let us help you. It’s easy at Wholesale Photo.

Wholesale Photo
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Artwork To CD – digitize and Gicleé Printing in NJ

Here is a painting I just recorded as a hi resolution digital file onto a CD. I shoot the images on a full frame Nikon D700 here in our photo studio. Then I adjust the colors in Photoshop and drop the .Tif file onto a CD.


I give each painting a unique catalog number and put a contact (picture) on the envelope for easy filing. Artists can order reproductions on canvas, watercolor paper or photo paper from their discs. These reproductions are sometimes referred to as Giclee prints. We do some of the best Giclee printing in Bergen County New Jersey NJ.

I’ve been doing this for local artists since 1995 but parents who want to share reproductions of their children’s artwork are welcome too!

Wholesale Photo

Our new “Spiral Bound” photo books

These quality hardcover spiral-bound books are a new addition to our Wholesale Photo Cafe selection. They lay flat when viewing on a table so they are much easier to show your photos to others. You can design these from the comfort of your home using our online website. If you prefer using one of many our photo kiosks in the store in Midland Park, NJ you can do that too. These books are incredibly easy to create and are made right here in the store – fast, easy and quality. Preserve your memories at Wholesale Photo, come in and ask us how to do it!







Free Photo Enlargement with Café Frame Order

It is like having custom framing at ready-made prices.
Buy the frame and THE PRINT IS FREE!

Have you ever been forced to crop an image to fit a “standard” size?For instance a standard 8×10 that has been a standard for years is not the same ratio as what your camera takes. It crops your original camera image.

Café Frames are the solution. They give you the “full” picture with no cropping and no expensive custom framing and custom cut matte.

Buy the frame and THE PRINT IS FREE!

Order one of these three sized prints  (8×12, 11×17 or 16×24) and say “Café Frame please!” and we’ll charge you just for the frame. We’ll print it on our highest quality Ultracrome printer

They come in three sizes that replace traditional sizes:

$39 – 8×12 Café Frame  / (instead of traditional 8×10)

$59 – 11×17 Café Frame  / (instead of traditional 11×14)

$79 – 16×24 Café Frame  / (instead of traditional 16×24)

Each frame comes with matte is cut evenly around the image and the frames are custom sized to conform to these “full camera” size measurements.

We are located at:

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Best photo restorations in bergen county, NJ.

Bergen County, NJ – Twenty-five years of experience in photo restoration and our customers will tell you who is the best in Bergen County, NJ. No one else matches our knowledge and craft when it comes to restoring your precious family photographs.

We will mat your proof print and include a CD (with the hi-res image file) at no additional cost. Your restoration will be ready to frame. In fact, mention you saw this blog post and we will take an additional 10% of any frame purchased for your restoration. Think of it as a gift for reading this post and coming in for a restoration. Thank you!

We have restored images of famous people, like Elvis, The Beatles, and even Thomas Edison, but your precious family and ancestors mean more to us than anyone.

Come in anytime or call and ask for Dave if you have questions. I’m the guy that does all the restorations.

(phone)   201-444-0777

If you are out of state and want to send us your images to restore we welcome you to do so, but call us first so we know it is coming.

We are located at:

Wholesale Photo
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Midland Park, NJ 07450